Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Precious Gift

When your little girl is an ocean away and you receive limited information about her, where she lives, how she came into care and just a few precious pictures you try to follow paths in whatever direction you can to try to gather as much information you can about her and her little life.  After we got Ellie's referral I received an email from a group that does research in various provinces in China.  They research cities and orphanages.  I contacted Brian Stuy to find out any information he had about Ellie, her orphanage and her city.  


Mr Stuy had a dvd of her province that includes information about her orphanage and city.  

We also ordered a picture book from him that will be a treasure in the years to come.  Ellie's orphanage is about 3 hours from the capital city that we will be staying in and where we will be doing paperwork.  

We are hoping we have a chance to go to her city and even visit her orphanage but if we don't get the opportunity this book will be all we have for Ellie in the years to come.


My heart did a flip when I opened the book to this page and saw the most precious baby picture ever.  It was our little Ellie when she was a month old.  She is asleep but look at that cute little nose and sweet little mouth. This is the picture that was placed in the newspaper in her finding add.  What a gift!

We know that in the years to come there may be questions Ellie has that we won't have answers to but we continue to trust that Ellie will see God's hand in her life and that from the very beginning he has been writing her story! 


meg said...

Wow.. Way cool to have gotten that info/book already....what a blessings. It amazes me how God gives a glimpses of the smallest details.....Ellie's redemption is unfolding.....beautiful

Teri said...

This is so very very special!!! She will love it!

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