Thursday, November 8, 2012

He Makes Beautiful Things

When Ellie was 25 days old she was left on the stairs of the orphanage.  We have no idea what her story is and the why behind it. We do know that someone took her and laid her right on the step knowing she would be found.  We know that these steps are part of her story that led her to our arms. 

These are the very steps we walked with shattered hearts yesterday.  As we walked down each step we felt overwhelmed by so many emotions.  We walked down those steps with grateful hearts that we were leaving that piece of her life behind.  

Yesterday we felt overwhelmingly blessed that we had our little girl in our arms and we know that HE MAKES BEAUTIFUL THINGS OUT OF THE DUST! 

Ellie's first eleven months in the orphanage are part of her story. We are thankful it is now in the distance and part of her past as we begin to witness a breath of new life in this sweet little girl. 

There is a newness being breathed into her spirt and mind ...

and a newness in her sweet little soul.  

We are witnessing something BEAUTIFUL right before our very eyes!

As Eric walked away from the orphanage and on the streets of Hui Bu the song "Beautiful Things" played over and over in my head. 

We walked the streets of Hui Bu, the town where Ellie was left to be found.  

As we walked around this "ghost town," where just a handful of people were seen we couldn't be more relieved when we got in the car and made our way down this tiny dusty road.  

A road that brings us one step closer to home.  Holding on tight to the promise that HE MAKES BEAUTIFUL THINGS OUT OF THE DUST!

Even in the heartache we know he has written a beautiful story for our little Ellie. 


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Andra said...

You truly are witnessing something beautiful, and so are we!!!!Thank you for sharing God's goodness through Ellie's adoption, what an angel. Cannot wait to get my hands on her. :)Praying throughout the day!!!

Teresa M. said...

Congrats..thanks for sharing...we have had our little Asian princess almost 1 year!!! I love your pictures of the village...I'm aure it is just that you really know how to use it, but what kind of camera do you have? The pictures are so crisp! I could possibly be in the market for a new camera! ;)

Firefly Hill said...

A beautiful little girl....thank you for sharing your wonderful story and photos.

amy said...

I once heard someone refer to life as "bruta-ful"...the brutal and beautiful moments of life all wrapped together that are part of the story God is writing in our lives. Thank you for sharing your story and giving God the glory through the difficult things you have recently experienced. The sparkle in her eyes as she is looking at her Daddy already speaks to the healing that is beginning in her heart and soul. God placed you right where you needed to be because of your obedience and faithfulness to follow Him. Continuing to pray for you!

Jennifer said...

So glad she has a story that leads to your family! And her smiles seem so joyful and those brown eyes have sparkle in them!

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