Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Little Princess

We are overwhelmed by those covering our little Ellie in prayer.  We are daily seeing this little peanut blossom and gain strength right before our eyes.  

Those big brown eyes have stolen our hearts and she has figured out how to use them to her advantage already. 

She has the sweetest most pathetic little puppy dog eyes.  Her dad is having a hard time saying no to those already! 

She knows her daddy and mommy's voice and is aware of where we are. She sure isn't going to miss out on anything lately! 

She has started to figure out how to use those little hands and they are gaining strength.  She grabbed a toy for the first time yesterday and has grabbed our fingers a couple times.  

She has discovered her toes and can pull those legs clear back to her ears.  I guess you can do that when there a no muscles in your little legs.  

She is rolling over now quite a bit when we put her on the floor. She has also turned into quite the jabber box in the last day or so.  

 She is letting us touch her hands and feet now freely with out crying or pulling away.  

The big news is she sat up on her own for a couple minutes a couple different times in the last 24 hours.  Man her little body gets tired after that
 but ....

she gets pretty proud of herself and so are we.  We have gotten some full belly laughs from our sweet girl too! 

This little girl is blossoming right before our eyes and we are thinking we might just be in trouble.  She may give her brother a run for his money.  

Continue to pray for strength for Ellie daily.  We saw a doctor in Nanchang and got some medicine for her little tummy.  We are praying we start to see some improvement but if not we have a Western doctor we can see in Guangzhou. 


Anonymous said...

Precious, she is adorable. So grateful for answered prayers!! Will continue to pray for those eyes and her smile... Good luck with that Eric!!

DiJo said...

I LOVE every adorable, cute, precious, and awesome photo of your cutie-pie!!!! You are totally in trouble!!!!!!! She is going to have Max wrapped around her tiny fingers in no time!!!! I love how proud she is of herself. And, what a blessing that you get to capture every milestone on your camera!!!!

AWESOME update!!! Hello Guangzhou!

Andra said...

Oh that sweet girl, she has stolen my heart!!! What a little miracle she is, God is at work in her life and little tiny body. Beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

You can see God smiling back at you when you look deep into Ellie's eyes! May He reach deep into her body, too, and strengthen her muscles. Your love and commitment are medicine to her soul.
God's continued blessings,
Kristin M.

Paige said...

Oh my word in the second picture she looks so much like Ivy Joy!!!! She will have you all eating out of her hands!!! Thrilled that she is doing so much better!!!

Susan said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!!! She is nothing but pure cuteness! I just love how you are catching her little personality blooming more and more! She is surely falling in love with her mommy and daddy!

Kathy said...

I am SO happy to read this post and hear of Ellie's development. It's amazing what has happened in such a short amount of time! I love to see the life coming to her eyes and the joy being born in her face...and she hasn't even met her siblings yet! She has a beautiful life ahead of her and it blesses me to get to watch it unfold! I am SO happy for you (and Ellie!), and can't wait to talk when you get home and hear more about your trip. Sending hugs from across the ocean!

Kathy said...

PS Your photos are amazing! Loving them!!!!

wanda said...

Oh Julie!!! I can hardly stand it!! She is SO sweet and beyond precious! Doing a full out happy dance for all the "firsts" you are experiencing and the new things she is discovering. And just that she is all over your voice...LOVE IT!! GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS!! By the way, her lips...sweetness! so excited to hear how God will continue to be present in every single detail in the days to come! Big hugs from SF


Tom and Kara said...

So happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

God is taking care of this little one of YOURS!!! she is adorable!! God Bless you all!! love your pictures!! Blessings,Cathy in illinois!!

doreen said...

I know she's only been with you a few days, but she seems to be a different child! She appears to be content and curious with a lovely healthy glow. It amazes me how quickly the physical appearances of these babies change the moment they find their families. Your photos of the village reminded me of our daughter's village . . . the house, the canal, the trash all over . . . almost identical . . . we were in tears when we left.

Congratulations on your new sweetie!

jennifer said...

Be still my heart! She is absolutely beautiful. Loving every shot of your sweet girl. Pretty soon you'll be running around after her. It is amazing what LOVE can do!!

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