Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Where Have The Days Gone?

I have no idea where the time is going but the days keep ticking by.  I have had many checking in to make sure we doing ok and see how Ellie is adjusting to her new life.  I wanted to give you a quick update on what we have been up to. 

Miss Ellie was a bit overwhelmed by all the love that 4 siblings were willing to offer her those first days home.  She became pretty attached to her dad and mom and would cry these big crocodile tears when we put her down.  We had some tears from the big kids as they have been waiting to love on their little sister and it has been hard on their little hearts that she really just wants dad and mom right now.  We had some really good conversations about what Ellie has been through and how it is good that she is attaching to dad and mom and looking to us for security.  We assured them that in no time they will be yelling to get her out of their room just like Max.  I assured them that with time and by gently loving her they would win her little heart over.  

Last Sunday I felt like she was starting to feel more comfortable and less anxious but things took a turn when she spiked a 103 temp.  It was a bit scary to see her tiny little body and heart react to her fever.  It is such a different feeling knowing she has this underlying heart defect.  By Wednesday four out of the five had been to the doctor and were all on meds for Strep throat.  I felt like I needed a spread sheet to keep it all straight.  The counter definitely screamed the reality that we have five kids. 

 Ellie ran a fever for four days and so she spent most of her days in my arms and the evenings in her daddy's.  Needless to say this mom didn't get a ton done but that is ok.  Ellie also decided to stop eating for about 24 hours which also made us a little nervous.  I have a feeling this little girl is going to teach us a lot about continuing to lay her  and her health in the hands of the one who created her. 

By Friday everyone was back to school and mid morning Ellie decided to eat again.  We moved into the weekend with things looking up.  Ellie still has wanted to spend most of her time in the arms of her dad and mom.  It is a bit of a balance with four other ones that need us but we are also more than willing to hold this little girl as much as we can and as much as she wants right now.  We saw first hand what her first 13 months looked like, we know how deprived she was of physical touch.  She desires to be held close and we continue to see her reach out for physical contact and pull away less and less when we touch her little body. I know that in no time she will be off and running so we will soak up this cuddle time.  She also has found her voice back in the last couple days and is babbling up a storm. 

She continues to gain strength in those little hands.  It is crazy that just last week she couldn't hold a rattle for more than a couple seconds and now she will hold it and even shake it. She is also slowly letting her siblings into her little heart.  On Monday she was all smiles when she saw them when she woke up.  The girls were grinning from ear to ear as they said, "she knows us!"  The big kids have been so patient and amazing with her when they really just want to love on her.  We have seen some fruits of their patient hearts in the last 24 hours and it is a beautiful sight all around.  I can't wait to see what the next week holds in our house. 

 It is amazing to see the way that love is healing her little body, mind and spirit.  We have been overwhelmed once again by the outpouring of love and prayers after we received the news about Ellie's heart.  I will update you on where we are at with that in the next couple days.  On Thursday we head in to meet with the feeding team.  There will be a group of specialists observing her.  Pray for our appointment and guidance as we continue to find the balance of finding the resources we need to help Ellie but also just loving on her and helping her feel secure and loved before we throw doctors and therapists at her.  


TK said...

We experienced feeding and sensory issues with our daughter. Tons of therapy through Early Intervention was a start. I have some good ideas on feeding that helped my daughter if you would like to contact me.

Kim o

likeschocolate said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

jennifer said...

Wow! That is alot of meds!! Glad everyone is feeling better. THat is never fun!

Sounds like Miss Ellie is doing just great!

Serving the King said...

Gooooood night sister girl. That is craziness! Love your organization of the meds. I'd be like, ummmm you there, drink about 1/4 of this bottle and save 1/3 for your brother mkay? Ha! Just kidding. Hope that oh so lovely adjustment period for everyone passes soon, you are an incredible family and I am ever so blessed to have met you. Course....if I had it to do over again we would have hung out that entire trip and it would have been fun and when I ran out of french toast I totally would have swiped some off your plate...which would have been weird...yet delicious and I wouldn't have cared because I'll do darn near anything to get me some more of that french toast. The end.

Teri said...

What a beautiful family and little one! You always bring tears to my eyes. Praying for all of you and health!

Beth Musil said...

Prayers for all of you and for Ellie to get stronger. I dont know how you do it cousin, but I look forward to meeting Max and Ellie when we come to visit sometime.

Addie Sanchez said...

Oh how I can relate to that counter of meds... but I usually have to ad my husband in their too - he tends to be my biggest baby when he is sick ;)
I am so happy to hear you are all back on the mend. We will continue to wrap you all in our prayers.
Thank you again for sharing your precious time with us at church, we do appreciate it greatly.
My email is addiesanchez@sio.midco.net - I would love to get your address and maybe find another time we can chit chat!
God is good.

Anonymous said...

I am sometimes so overwhelm with the meds we have for five kids that I ended up getting everyone a container of their own. I have been reading about your journey for a while. What amazing people you are. God always has a plan. Keep the faith. We are raising five grandchildren ages 14 - 3. God's plan. We are blessed to be able to do this. keep us in your prayers and we will you. Carole Miles

Anonymous said...

continuing to keep little missy Ellie in prayer-- Cathy in Illinois!!

Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is feeling better. Little Ellie is such a doll - such delicate features - love these photos of your beautiful girl! Gwen

Kristi said...

Thanks for the update!! Wow, things have been hectic in ur neck of the woods for sure with 4 sick kiddos. And, oh my heart, look at sweet Ellie's tears!!!! While it saddens me that Ellie got sick right after getting home, it makes me happy to know that for the first time in her little life, she had her mommy to comfort and take care of her during this time. Will pray for little Ellie as she heads to her appt. tomorrow; she was wonderfully made and by God's grace is just where she needs to be to reach her full potential!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the specific ways we can pray for you and your family Julie!

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