Friday, February 1, 2013

February = Love, Hearts, Pink And ......

When you think of February, you probably think of love, pink, red, hearts and Valentine's Day.  It is also precisely why February is CHD Awareness Month.  CHD stands for Congenital Heart Defect.  Many families are affected by CHD and many little ones have some home from China with CHD. What a perfect month to bring awareness to one of the leading birth defects among little ones in the US and around the world. 

This little girl has opened our eyes and our hearts to a whole new world, a heart world. 


  During our journey to Ellie and as we waited to see who God hand picked for our family God opened my eyes and heart to the sick little heart babies in China. 

God hand picked this little girl with a broken little heart to be our daughter.  

When all 14 pounds of our tiny little girl was placed in our arms we could feel her little heart racing against our own hearts.  We had no idea how God would wreck our hearts in the months to come.  How he would show us over and over he clearly had his hands all over our journey to our little girl.  How he would teach us what it truly means to lay our daughter and her health in his hands. 

We feel honored that God picked us to love this little girl, to walk the journey of healing her little heart and watching God restore her little body and spirit.  

God has has taught us about the power of love. 

We have met some amazing families on our journey of Ellie's heart.  There is a group of women who want to share their families stories in hopes of bringing awareness to those little ones waiting in China, those with no HOPE waiting for a chance, a chance at life.  Every day this month a child will be highlighted and their story will be shared.  Some stories are heart wrenching, some complete miracles, some are still being written and others have seen God's healing hand on their child's heart.  We will be sharing Ellie's story on the 17th.  I can't wait to see what God has in store for the "28 Days of Hearts".  Head on over to the blog and may your heart be touched by the stories that God has written, stories of his precious heart children of China.  

Click here to head on over the the "28 Days of Hearts" blog! 

PS. So many of you have emailed or messaged me checking in on us and letting us know you are still praying for Ellie's body and heart.  We are so grateful for all the prayers and encouragement on this journey.  Some of you have expressed concern since the blog hasn't been updated so I wanted you to know Ellie is doing great.  Life has been busy and my computer crashed and was down a week and I finally feel like I am catching up.  So soon I will share how Miss Ellie is blossoming after surgery.  I can't wait for you to see! Your prayers have been felt and God has answered!  God is healing her little body and spirit in an amazing way! 


Kristi said...

oh my goodness!! that last picture is so telling as to how little miss ellie is doing!! it is so evident that she feels so loved and secure now ~she has found her stride and is in full bloom! Lovely!!

DiJo said...

LOVE this entire set Julie!!! Happy Heart Month!!!!! God picked one precious baby to change your world!


Paige said...

What gorgeous pictures of your precious girl. She looks so healthy. Those eyes........!

amy said...

Never tire seeing your beautiful angel! Lily continues to pray for "baby Ellie and her heart and her surgery" and we are thankful to hear that God is strengthening her and healing her heart. Just read the stories over on the blog...thank you for sharing this. Look forward to seeing yours and how these will stir people's hearts. Glad you are up and running with a computer...never fun to go through all of that! Sending Miss Ellie hugs...

Susan said...

So excited to read an update on sweet baby Ellie! Glad to see she is THRIVING!!! She looks so good!!! :)

Fannie said...

LOVE the pictures!! LOVE the message even more!! I love to hear about Baby Ellie and the life changing work being done in and through her. She is such a beautiful little girl, and God definitely has a hand in her life. Can't wait to hear how she is doing. She's in my daily prayers!!

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