Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

 When Eric and I traveled across the world to bring two of our precious little ones home not only did we fall in love with them but we fell in love with their birth country.  A country that is rich in its heritage and culture.  A country that will always hold a special place in our heart.

 While Max and Ellie will grow up Chinese Americans and lose so much of their culture we wanted to find ways to celebrate and honor their culture and heritage in our home. One of the ways we want to do that is by celebrating the Chinese New Year.  The big kids love the tradition we started before Max came home.  We decorate the table, make Chinese food and the kids love getting red envelopes.

In China the Chinese New Year lasts 15 days and it is a huge celebration.  This year it started on February 10th and ended on February 25. Houses are cleaned from top to bottom, decorations are hung, new outfits are bought, families gather, food is made and many traditions are carried out.

This year we felt blessed to have Ellie around out table as we celebrated this year. 

The big kids love sharing the Chinese culture with their classmates.  I had fun in their classrooms sharing with their classmates about the Chinese New Year.  

Another highlight for our family is gathering with other families that have adopted or are in process to celebrate.  This year some friends opened their home and we had a great time.  It is always fun to connect and see how families have grown and changed.  It is also amazing to see how little ones change and mature from year to year. 

There is always yummy food and ....

The kids love playing with the other kids and it is always fun to connect with other adoptive parents and share experiences and gain insight in things we may be dealing with. 

We had quite the gang this year.  I actually have no idea where Max was during this picture. Where ever he was I am sure he was having fun. 


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