Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Journey Begins

On January 26 we told the kids that we were going to journey back to China to bring a little sister home.  They were each so excited.  There was a lot of reminiscing of the day we walked off the plane with Max and how he has changed our family. They are in love with their little brother ... he has changed their little hearts.  They get the process this time and know what adoption looks like.  This time around it make look different but their hearts are open and ready to love on a new little sister.  

That evening I sent our application electronically to Holt International and on January 27 we received a call from Holt saying we were accepted. An email came in with paperwork to be filled out .... let the 
paper chasing begin!

Just days later I was walking through TJ Max and this sweet blanket caught my eye! I of course made the very first purchase for our little girl! It couldn't have been more perfect! 


"Sweet girl God has led us to open our hearts to bring you home.  We have prayed for you and will continue to trust that God has his loving arms wrapped around you! We can't wait to see your sweet face and hold you in our arms but until then we will continue to pray for you!" 


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