Thursday, May 3, 2012

Let The Paper Chasing Begin

We began paper chasing.  When we started the paper chasing with Max it seemed a bit overwhelming.  We need to do everything over but it seems a little more managable this time around.  I am sure because it is familiar and we know where we are going.  We began working on state and FBI fingerprints, we needed 3 references filled out, we filled out pages of questions about why we want to adopt, about our family, marriage, finances and community.  We got our physicals scheduled, gathered W-2's and financial forms. We gathered certified copies of our birth certificates and marriage license as well. 

eric finger prints

Our FBI fingerprints took 12 weeks with Max and this time in 3 weeks we got a call that they were in the hands of our agency.  We had gotten all our other paperwork in so we were ready for Home Study. We were a little taken back that we were moving so quickly.

We had our first visit with our social worker on March 12 and she could use our post placement visits with Max for our other visits.  Our social worker is amazing and we knew she would get our Home Study finished quickly and off to Holt for approval. 


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