Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Very Special Email

On March 20 we got a very special email from Holt.  We found out that our Home Study was approved and we were officially on the China Child of Promise Family list.  This means that we are officially able to be matched anytime.  We can only be matched right now with Agency Designated Children so it could be a while but it feels a bit crazy that less than 2 months into process we could see our daughter's face! The most amazing part of the email is that it was from Leelyan.  If you followed us in China you know we fell in love with our guide Lillian.

The email was from Lillian, our guide from China.  She had never been to the US but now during this time she is in the states, she went through our file and she was the one who added our file to the CCOP list.  Her hands have touched our process in the journey to our daughter.  I love seeing God's hand so clearly on this journey! I had tears running down my face as I read this email from her.


Hi Eric, Julie, Alexa,Emma,Shane and little Max,

 Do you remember me, you Holt escort in ShanDong when you went to pick up Max, Lillian~

 Yes, I'm in our Eugene office for training now, so today, I got your file to add to our CCOP list and send the "welcome to CCOP" out to you! I'm so excited to see your file, I have been here three months, and this is the first time I added a family I have escorted, the world is flat and so small~
 I saw your family picture and read the home study, so glad to know Max's is doing great !! Such a happy and wonderful family!!

May be I will meet you again in China 

 Best wishes,



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