Thursday, May 3, 2012

Moving Right Along

Over the last weeks we have been busy gathering a ton of paperwork that will make up our Dossier. A Dossier is the compilation of paperwork, pictures and official documents that an adoptive couple puts together to be sent to the CCAA in China in order to adopt a child.

So when our Dossier is in complete this is what is in it:
*Prospective Adoptive Parent Form
Application Letter
*Husband's Birth Certificate
*Wife's Birth Certificate
*Marriage Certificate
Employment letter - husband
Employment letter - wife
Certificate of Financial Status
Husband's Physical Exam
Wife's Physical Exam
Local or State Police Clearance - husband
Local or State Police Clearance - wife
Home Study
*3 reference letters
*Passport Page - husband
*Passport Page - wife
I-797 Approval Notice
*Photographs of Family and House

Each document that doesn't have an * by it also needed to be notarized!

We received our Home Study in the mail on March 31. We filled out our i800a and sent it in the mail with our Home Study to USCIS.  

home study

On April 5 USCIS received our forms. We got a finger print appointment for May 11.  


On April 19 we walked through these doors to try fingerprint early. 

uscis door

The lady wasn't the most accommodating and made it clear she would not do this favor for us again.  We smiled nicely and told her thank you.  It makes me sad when people who affect your paperwork don't really care or get it.  By her allowing us to fingerprint early we take a couple weeks off our process ... when you have a little one in an orphanage every day counts. The following day I called to tell them we finger printed early and to my surprise we had been approved on April 19.  This was crazy fast .... like 15 days fast when the norm has been 30 or more days.  When I told Eric that once again our paperwork is flying he said, "I wonder what God is up to!"  I do too and I can't wait to see his plan unfold.  


Jewels of My Heart said...

So happy for your family and your beloved daughter waiting for you.... God's speed.......

Fannie said...

We fingerprinted early today too thanks to this post!! Thanks!!! ;)

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