Monday, June 4, 2012

Telling The Kids

The kids have been so excited about adopting a little sister from China.  We have talked and prayed about her a lot. The kids knew we could find out anytime who there sister was and we were praying it was some time this summer.  On Tuesday after we got the call it was a whirlwind.  Eric's mom had flown in from Africa, where she does mission work.  We were all sitting around the table and Emma said, "Grammy, we could find out who our sister is anytime.  We might even find out this summer while you are here!" Shane interjected, "And we will get to see her picture too!" Little did they know they had a sister already and in no time they would see her face for the first time.

telling kids3

Eric is heading to India for business this week.  He pulled up the map of India on his computer and they talked about what he was going to be doing and the orphanages he was going to visit while he was there. He then showed the kids where China was and they found where Max was born but then Eric said, "And this is where your new sister is from!" Their expressions were priceless as they saw their sister for the first time. Complete joy and love in all those little eyes!

telling kids2

Max kept looking at Eric saying, "Baby, baby!"  I am pretty sure he has no clue how this little baby his going to rock his world!

telling kids1

There were a ton of questions asked as they poured over her picture.  They wanted teachers emailed and   pictures printed so they could show their new sister to their friends.  Their eyes and hearts have been opened through our journey to Max.  It has been so fun for us to sit back and watch their little hearts fill up for love for their little sister.  When Shane tells people about his sister he also asks people to pray for her!


Fannie said...

Oh my gosh, the look of joy and love that your daughter has on her face in the last picture is soooo beautiful! They all looked so happy! Can't wait to see their faces when you bring that little cutie home!

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