Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Missing Little Piece

Last night after the kids were down I was sitting on our deck and pouring over little Ellie's pictures again.  The date on the side of the picture caught my eye, I noticed today it is a month ago that these pictures were taken.  We received them days after they were taken.  Has a month really passed.  Some days time feels like it is flying and other days it feels like it is standing still.  I wonder how much she has grown in the last month, what her days are like, is she being held and loved on, has she been sick, is her heart healing, what is her personality like ...... what it will be like to have her in our arms for the first time.

Last week the girls were gone a couple days and Shane and Emma were at a friend over night a night this week. The kids that were at home commented both times how weird it felt to have their siblings gone ... it just didn't feel right! There is something that just feels right when we are all together and their is definitely a missing piece when we are not.  I just can't wait to see how little Ellie fits into our family.  We have fallen in love with her and talk about the day we will have her home often.  I know God has handpicked our little Ellie to complete our family.  She is our little missing piece and we can't wait to see just how perfectly she fits.


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