Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Baby Is 10 Months Today

Today our little Ellie is 10 months old.  Each milestone she reaches without us causes a bit of heartache.  I wonder how much she has grown, what new things she is doing, if she is healthy, is she being loved on .... Each and every thought, concern, and ache I have I need to daily lay at the feet of the one who created her.  The one who knows every ounce of her, who sustains her breath and who has a plan for her life.  There is something beautiful about an ache that is present in my heart for my daughter who is an ocean away, a daughter I have never met, but a daughter who with out a shadow of a doubt belongs in my arms.  Our little Ellie has found her way into our hearts already and we can't wait to see God's plan for her little life continue to unfold. 

in crib

I saw this picture on Ellie's orphanage facebook page.  I saw the two little eyes peeking through the bars in the background and my heart sank. I quickly sent the picture to dear friends who have been in my photography class who have an eye for photography and also many who have adopted.  I told them my emotional, mommy heart is telling me this is our Ellie ... what do you think? I would do anything to see a glimpse of our sweet Ellie and wondered if I was just wishing it was Ellie.  I had many replies with look at her cheeks, her hair line and her clothes.  Our last two updates she is wearing that navy and white striped shirt and others from her orphanage said it seems like they have the kids wear the same thing.  In my heart I think it is Ellie.  I think I will bring it to China and try to confirm it with her nannies. It may be the only pictures we have of her in the orphanage or in her bed if we aren't granted an orphanage visit! Even if it isn't her this is her reality, this is all she knows.  This is where she spends her days and her nights.  This is what she calls home.

Soon baby girl ... we are making our way to you!  While we wait we are resting in the fact that the one that created you is holding you in the palm of his hands.  


Teri said...

Soon praying soon she is in your arms:)

Kayla Craig said...

I know exactly what you mean about all of the tough questions that arise as you wait for your sweet son or daughter to make their way into your arms! It's so tough. As we waited for our son, I did feel comforted that God loved (and loves!) him more than I could ever fathom. Praying you get to hold Ellie in your arms soon!

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