Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To China With Love

We sent a package to Ellie a while ago through our agency.  We sent a little scrapbook with all pictures of her new family.  The Chinese symbol on the front is Love.  We are all so in love with our little princess already.


The kids drew pictures and I love Alexa's sweet note to her sister. We also wrote a note that will be translated.  
  Alexa's note-blog

We know she won't grasp what it all means at her young age but we hope her nannies will show her the pictures of her new forever family.  We also want the nannies to know that little Gan An Na has a family that is coming for her and that loves her already!



DiJo said...

So sweet!!!!! LOVE the photos of your handsome boys!!!!! Soon there will be FIVE!!!!


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