Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two More Down Two To Go

I can't even believe that we only have 2 steps until China gives us the green light to get our little girl! I feel like every time we turn around we are crossing another step off the list.  It is looking like we will be traveling the beginning of November.  When we started the process in January we were thinking we would be bringing home a little girl in 2013.  When approvals flew and we got a quick referral for our sweet Ellie we knew 2012 just may be a possibility.  With the long LOA waits I was praying we would have her home for Christmas.  I just can't even believe that we just may have her home for Thanksgiving too.  We are getting so close!

I know the adoption lingo like DTC, LID, LOA, TA ... and everything in between can be so confusing.  I found this little visual and love how it maps out the journey we are on! It is pretty amazing how all our precious papers are shuffled back and forth.  No wonder there are hang ups here and there. We are on step 11. So excited we are nearing the end because that of course means Ellie will be in our arms soon!

So steps 11-12 fall under the next step we are waiting for.  Step 13 is our TA and is China telling us we can come get our baby girl.  After we get our TA our agency will take care of #14 and set up our CA - Consulate Appointment in China.  When our CA is confirmed we will then be able to make our travel plans.


Shans said...

Very exciting!!! Would be SO wonderful to have your sweet Ellie home with your family for the holidays!!!

Kathy said...

I can't believe how close you are to getting your baby girl! She really will be here before you know it. I was just looking at the header on your blog thinking how soon it will read "FIVE little blessings!" Amazing how your family has grown and what a joy to watch the process. Thinking of you!
PS love the pic of Eric at the bowling alley. Such a fun surprise. :)

meg said...

It's time......

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