Monday, August 6, 2012

Still Waiting But Resting In His Timing

We are still waiting.  We have moved over the 60 day mark for waiting for our LOA.  I feel like this is possibly the hardest wait because it is so unpredictable.  There are some that have waited well over 100 days so while we feel like we have waited forever I can't imagine waiting that long and we are hoping we don't reach the century club!

I am part of a Facebook group that are on a similar timeline as us.  While the support of others on the journey is nice it also can be dangerous mentally for a waiting mom.  Last Monday there were a number of gals that have the exact same dates as us that received their LOA.  As I watched them flood in and waited hoping ours was in the flood I was a bit disappointed Monday night when we didn't get a call.  While there is no rhyme or reason to these approvals it is hard not to try figure out the patterns and just how close we are.  I felt as those I was in the midst of some major labor pains and then they stopped abruptly.

This weekend my perspective shifted a bit.  There were a number of things that caused this shift but in the midst of the weekend God gave me a peace about his timing.  Eric reminded me that the same God that moved our paperwork at warp speed to get Ellie's referral is the same God that is moving our paperwork now.  So often in life I just want to control things and want them on my timeline and yet God keeps showing me that his timing is perfect even if it isn't mine! There were little glimpses of seeing his hand in our lives is so many ways this weekend and so we rest in HIS timing of having sweet Ellie in our arms.


Paige said...

Oh my goodness you have brought all the memories back. We waited 100 days (got it on day 100) and there were some days I was just dying!! BUT it is perfectly in God's timing as you said. We were able to travel during spring break which was so great for our then 4th grader. There truly is no rhyme or reason to the LOA's is there???? Hang in there, it will come and then everything speeds up a bit:)

Teri said...

Praying that you get to kiss her very soon!

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