Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Ellie

Happy Birthday my sweet one year old little girl.  It is hard to put into words what I feel.  There is sadness, joy, love and an aching for you deep in my soul.  I wish I had you in my arms and we could watch you dig into a cake and blow out a candle, but soon you will be in our arms.  This will be the last birthday that you celebrate without the love of a family poured out on you.

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Ellie, even though I have only seen you in pictures my love for you is so deep.  I dream about kissing those sweet little cheeks and you laying your head on my shoulder.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that God handpicked you to complete our family. I can't wait to see how God does just that in the days ahead. I can't wait to see God slowly reveal your story, his story.

I have no idea what your first days of your life looked like.  I don't know where your mother gave birth to you, how long she held and cared for you, why a month later she made a choice to give you a chance at a life better than a life she thought she could give you.  I pray that somewhere, somehow your mom will know and feel that her little girl is loved.  She will know deep in her soul that this was all part of God's plan for her little girl.

I pray today you are being celebrated, that you were given a little extra love on your special day.  I pray that you can feel the love and prayers of a family and friends an ocean away that love you. I pray that God is beginning to prepare your heart for all that is to come in the days ahead and that God would place his healing hands on your little heart.

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 We celebrated you today.  We made cupcakes, lit candles, sang and blew them out as we talked about how anxious we are to have you home.  We all have big hopes and dreams for you sweet girl.

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God clearly has been weaving a beautiful story.  He knew that we needed you and you needed us.  He knew that on November 5 you would be placed in the arms of a dad and mom that have been waiting to pour out their love on you.

I feel honored that God chose me to be your mommy.  I know God has an amazing plan for you life Ellie girl.  I can't wait to sit back an watch what God is able to do in and through you.

Happy 1st birthday my beautiful girl.  I love you and soon we will be there to bring you home.

Love Always,


Ellen@SvennesPunkinPatch said...

Ok, so tears are flowing here as I read this beautiful and emotional letter from mommy to baby girl! It's awesome to see how God is working here and how His Hand is in every detail! I am so thankful that you will be going soon to get your sweet Ellie because it is so clear that she belongs with you and your family! I know it must have been difficult not being with her on her 1st birthday, but no longer will she celebrate a birthday without her mommy, daddy, brothers and sisters! So amazing! Praying for her in the days ahead! And praying for you friend!

Fannie said...

So sweet to see the kids celebrating their little sister's birthday!!! I can't wait til we have a face and a birthday for our little china girl! We can't wait!!!

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