Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In 7 Days

In 7 days we will be on a plane and beginning our journey to our daughter.  The days are flying and at the same time Tuesday, October 30 can not get here fast enough!

Gan An Na (2-blog)

On Friday at 12:08 I got an email from our agency that was titled "photos." My heart skipped a beat as I knew it was new picture of our little Ellie.  I couldn't get the photos to come up on my phone so getting home to my computer couldn't happen fast enough.  When I opened the email this is the first picture I saw of our sweet girl.  I of course got teary as I studied every ounce of the picture.  My heart breaks for how sad she has looked in every picture we have gotten of her.  Oh my to see those little cheeks rise and a smile on those lips is going to be priceless.

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The next picture put me into the mode of "get me on a plane right now".  To see her once again in the sterile environment of an orphanage and those metal bars she sleeps in every night puts the reality of where our little girl calls home right in front of you.

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We are praying she is being loved and her needs are being met.  We are trusting that God is holding our little girl tightly until she is in our arms. Those little cheeks are a blessing, she looks healthy.  

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We can't wait to look deep into those big brown eyes and hold her in our arms.  You have to love the Chinese split pants! 

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Hold on little Ellie we are coming! 


Troy and Diane Sturgeon said...

It's almost here! If there is anything I can do, you need only ask. God Bless you on this leg of your journey!

Kathy said...

Julie, she is just beautiful! I too cannot wait to see a smile on her face. I look at those pictures and think she has no idea how completely her life is about to change!! She is such a lucky little girl! And I'm sure it will be very soon that you'll see how lucky you all are to have her and learn why God picked her specifically for your family. I can't wait to see her in your arms, my friend.

DiJo said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!!!!!

Julie, she is ADORABLE!!! And, you are right. She looks healthy!! It won't be long and she is going to be grinning and giggling as she steals your hearts!! I can't wait to pray you through your soon to be China journey!!

Package being sent to you today!


Teri said...

Praying for you as your journey to Ellie comes soon. Can't wait to see you kissing that sweet little face:)

Fannie said...

She really is so cute!! Can't wait to see the story unfold for her!!

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