Friday, October 26, 2012

4 Days

The excitement and anticipation in our house is in overdrive right now.  It feels like the lists never end as much as you accomplish in a day. The lists have a lot of check marks which means things are going in the suitcases and we are getting close. The days are flying by and I can't believe that we have 4 more days in our countdown.


I have been collecting Ellie's stuff for months now but finally switched the crib from blue to pink last week.  I pulled out all of Ellie's stuff and put it in her crib.  When the kids got home from school they were so excited and looked through everything.  The anticipation and excitement is so different this time around.  They know what is on the other end and they can hardly wait for Ellie to get home.

crib blog

Tuesday was my big day home this week and on the way to school Alexa asked what I had to get done that day.  I told them I was going to get some food made and try to get mostly packed.  The girls chimed in quickly and begged me to wait to pack Ellie's stuff until they were home. It was so much fun watching and listening to the kids.  Alexa went into first born mode and had Shane and  Emma brought every thing to Alexa from the crib while she organized it to go in the suitcase. 
  Ellie suitcase 1-blog

They thought it was fun to check out all Ellie's stuff and figure out how to make it all fit in the suitcase.
Ellie suitcase 2-blog

Max thought he would join in on the fun and try strap himself in the suitcase. I asked him if I should pack him up and take him to China. He quickly said, "No you go get baby Ellie I stay with papa and grammy!"

 He loves his papa and grammy and can hardly wait for them to come. His eyes light up when he talks about them coming to stay with him. We just hope up the little energizer bunny doesn't wear papa and grammy out!



DiJo said...

I am so excited for this trip!!!!!! What an amazing gift you are bringing home for Thanksgiving!!!!!!!! I wish you were close, so we could help with the kids.... Emme wants to see, "My Max!"

Have a great last weekend as a family of SIX!!


John G. said...

Blessings for safe travel. I hope the storm hitting the Eastern coast doesn't delay your departure.

Blessings from CT

Shans said...

SO excited for your family!!!! Can't wait to see it all unfold!!!!

Fannie said...

I love how excited the kids are! Ellie is going to be a loved baby girl!

Becca said...

Would you be willing to post your packing list on your blog? We are another Holt family getting ready to leave in a few weeks to bring home our 11 month old son and I am overwhelmed by knowing what to bring!! Your lists look so thorough - I would love to see the complete version if you would be willing to share. :)
Congrats on your beautiful, precious daughter!

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