Monday, October 29, 2012

Tomorrow Is The Big Day

I can't believe that tomorrow we are boarding the plane to begin our journey to bring our daughter home.  Our bags are packed and there is excitement and emotions in the air! This weekend we were able to soak up time as our last weekend as a family of 6.  We decided to surprise the kids with something fun.  We took them to the Hibachi restaurant. 

The kids were pretty mesmerized when we sat down with everything going on around them.  Quickly Michelle, the waitress came up to us and asked us if Max was from China. We began talking China as she told us about her journey from China to Sioux Falls.  We also shared that we were heading to China again in a couple days.  

Japanese Soad-blog

Michelle left and reappeared with some Japanese Soda.  The kids thought they were so much fun and Michelle had fun showing them how to pop them open. 

max drinking-blog

Max said, "Mmmmmm, this is good! "


Next it was time for the big show.  The fire!  One of the waitresses quickly grabbed my camera and told me to go sit down too.  I love Shane's expression on this picture and Max wasn't sure what to think. 


In no time Max was grinning ear to ear when the shock and awe wore off. 

kids watching-blog

The kids had fun watching them cook our food right in front of us. 


Max grinning-blog

 Max thought is was pretty fun too!

Emma chopsticks-blog

Michelle gave the kids lessons on Chopsticks.  The girls have been taking Chinese at school so had fun speaking a little Chinese to Michelle too.  


Max tried picking up his noodles with his chopsticks. 

We had such a fun night with the kids.  There was a lot of laughing and great expressions the whole night. We enjoyed meeting our new friend Michelle and hearing her story.  We are excited to see the doors God opens with a relationship with our new friend Michelle and her family.   Everyone agreed that it was a perfect way to spend our last weekend as a family of 6.  I just can't wait to see how God transforms our family to 7 in the days to come!  


Cheri said...

I love Japanese restaurants. So much fun! Enjoy your trip to your daughter! I love the amazing journeys adoption takes us on!

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